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My grandgrandfather Ludwig got our traditional agricultural distilling license in 1921. Since then, distilling has al- ways been a sideline to our farm in the Bavarian Rhön. After Ludwig my grandfather Kurt and later my father Anton continued with this very special handcraft. And now I’m the first woman „mastering the copper beast“. And what can I say…. I love it!

My business is small but highly professional. I have got a proper vocational training and exam as qualified distiller and spirits sommelier. In 2018 I was awarded as world best female craft distiller by the craft spirits festival DESTILLE BERLIN.

Please note that due to my agricultural German distilling license, I’m not allowed to export. So in order to have a taste, you need to come to our place.

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regional fruits & cereals

Every year I work with about 100 different fruits, cereals and herbs, refining them into about 30 types of brandies, Whisky, Gin and liquors.
I’m specialized in dry fruit brandies like for example Williams pear or quince, but also black currant, rowan berries or even ginger.
Our Rhöner Whisky is not only distilled out of wheat grown by my father, but also aged in oak & chestnut casks made by a regional barrel maker.

Each of my spirits has his own particular character. Some are progressive and challenging, others more reserved or even shy.

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location & events

My home and my distillery is located in the low mountains of the Bavarian Rhön, in the most Northern part of Bavaria, about one hour driving distance from Frankfurt and Nürnberg.
My hometown Wartmannsroth is known for its high number of small craft distilleries ( 2200 inhabitants, but 82 distilleries! ).

In 2017 we opened our new Destillathek which is a space where you can taste the flavour of true handcraft spirits. We can host up to 50 guests and offer guided tours and tastings in our distillery in different languages ( English, Italian, Hungarian, French and German ). But we also love to host special events like sundowner tastings in the fields or show cooking dinner with combined spirits.

In every case we would love to create special moments and flavours, that you will never forget.

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the bavarian tradition of distilleries

Distilling has a long tradition in Bavaria. Of course, there are some big industrial distilleries in Germany as well.
But the real traditional handcraft heart still beats in the small, agricultural distilleries. In the 1910/1920ies the government gave lots of agricultural distilling licenses to the farmers. With this so called „Brennrecht“
( „Brennrecht“ is the official distilling law ) they were then and still are allowed to produce up to 300 litres of alcohol per year. The major part of the over 24.000 „Kleinbrennereien“ ( „Kleinbrennereien“ are small craft distilleries ) in Germany are located in the South and this is why you can still find these real handcraft distilleries in Bavaria. The special thing about them is that these small distilleries are not allowed to export. So if you want to experience the real flavour of honestly made ‘Schnaps’, then come to Bavaria!

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